Suggested Setups

When it all boils down there really is no right way or wrong way in setup… whatever works, works! The void between analog & digital pro-audio leaves a lot of space for various options. These are suggested guides not standardized requirements but lets get started.

The Space

You will need a stool or a chain, preferably one without arms. Either a tripod or something to prop your phone or camera on or against. 2-4ft between the chair and the camera. That’s about it, as this an audio lessons headphones are suggested and a somewhat quiet space is preferred.



Phones these days know face2face video calls are getting more & more popular so many of them have ‘better’ camera for the front facing camera rather than the back. The video screen is fairly small and the audio isn’t the best, but this is BY FAR the easiest setup.


Most Apple computers, minus the Mac Mini, come with webcam’s and mic’s built in. They’re about the same quality as mobile but the screens are obviously much larger. For PC master-race users, most laptops & tablets follow the same marketing strategy as Apple and include both a mic & webcam. Desktop towers on the other hand, don’t ever have them built in. The motherboard or case may have aux in’s & out’s but a USB microphone or USB audio interface would be best.

Audio Interfaces

For sure the best audio quality, most versatile, the most complex, and most expensive are audio interfaces. They’re built into Multi-FX Guitar Pedalboards most times, so if you have a decent foot rig you may already have one.

USB Microphones

Highly suggest using a USB Mic over an aux/karaoke mic! They have an audio interface built in, its just prewired ONLY for the prebuilt in microphone