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YouTube Creator Goals & Milestones

100 Subscribers

Once at 100 YouTube Subscribers you can apply for a custom URL for your channel! This will keep your current randomly generated username by default, this custom channel name mask over the pre-existing one.

1000 Subscribers

After 1000 Subscribers your channel can start monetizing your original content. Copyright & Monetize guide coming soon!

Creator Awards

  • Silver: When you reach 100,000 subscribers.
  • Gold: When you reach 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • Diamond: When you reach 10,000,000 subscribers.
  • Red Diamond: When you reach 100,000,000 subscribers.

YouTube Comments, Likes, & Views

These on the surface do nothing… but in reality effect the overall algorithm for likely-hood of YouTube itself promoting your video to viewers of similar viewers. Comments & Likes are a small part of getting your content to the play next or on the list of suggested videos to the right. The bigger picture comes down to viewership as a hole. How many views, how long they viewed for, and overall engagement with comments & likes are apart of the larger decision on how viable your content is to promote elsewhere.

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Twitter for Youtubers

Learn how to best share Youtube videos on Twitter. Twitters is littered with bots and automation with their API’s so it’s usually a good way to network with @ n # groups. Unfortunately the Youtube community isn’t super big on Twitter but here’s a couple groups to boost your Tweets!

Example Tweet

Promote your channel in your own voice here!


That’s pretty much it! If you’re looking to grow your Youtube Subscribers via legit means, there ya go!


Stay away from Subs4Subs or anything related to purchasing subs as these go against the Youtube TOS and will get you banned.